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Advanced strategies can help email marketing

Rachel Wheeler Archive
According to Business 2 Community, email marketing is an important and helpful way to reach out to customers. However, there are key mistakes that hold companies back when they employ the method. Overcoming those challenges can require a keen knowledge of the customer, one that could benefit from email validation and other data quality tools.

The source stated that companies can stumble in email marketing campaigns when they assume that a single message is appropriate for every customer. According to Business 2 Community, taking data from customers when they sign up and then segmenting the base accordingly is a strong method of improving outreach.

Dividing up customers is no good, however, if data quality is poor. A large quantity of incorrect information in a customer database could lead to incorrect assignments, double mailings or other mistakes. The difference between a good mailing campaign and a poor one could be as simple as the technology used to keep the names in the system.

Business Insider ran a similar list of tips for email marketers, focusing on ways to improve practices rather than how to avoid pitfalls. The source agreed, however, that sending messages based on customers' own summation of their interests is a good idea.