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Advanced strategies help email marketing

Rachel Wheeler Archive

Power users know there is more to email marketing than simply deluging customers with generic information. Targeted messages, segmented customer groups and other tactics can yield big results. Mediapost recently explained some of the extra capabilities that can improve email outreach efforts and keep customers coming back.

The source stated that automated messages with a personalized bent can prove effective. Sending an email to each individual subscriber on his or her birthday could lead to a strong and positive response. When they click on a specific offer, according to the source, could also be a good time for customers to get a follow-up message.

The challenge presented by customized auto-messages largely comes down to data quality. If a customer's name and birthday are stored incorrectly in a seller's systems, a personal greeting could be seen as awkward or misguided. While email can make a good impression, it can also leave a poor one when used incorrectly.

While Mediapost focused on good practices to improve email outreach, Business 2 Community recently listed warnings about things companies can do wrong. The source stated that adding too many new messages to a communication channel, even one that has been good in the past, can test consumer patience.