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Align sales through data quality

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Effectively managing marketing metrics across media can help companies sustain growth. Changing market conditions have created a need for businesses to expand the channels through which they interact with customers.

Corporations now operate social, email, mobile and direct marketing efforts. These programs are often led by the different teams, which can lead to breakdowns in communication. System tools and web-based services that are able to assist in the management of customer data can help realign these separate efforts.

Multi-channel marketing is an increasingly valuable tool, but businesses need to take steps that can lead to a disconnect among channels. As the number of customer interactions increase, marketing teams can be swarmed with valuable consumer information. Establishing the proper data management tools can help prevent common errors and lead to better aligned sales efforts.

As companies gather data from various channels, management tools are needed to reduce duplication and ensure data quality. Duplication of information can cost teams time and money that could be better spent capturing new sales leads. Verification programs can help companies fine tune their sales approach by gathering all customer information from a number of sources.