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All firms 'can benefit from top address data quality'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Having access to accurate address data can enable firms to make the best decisions possible, it has been claimed.

According to Phil Francisco, vice president of product management and marketing at data warehousing services provider Netezza, organizations that are able to leverage location data as part of their everyday decision making will be able to impact on their business' bottom lines.

He added: "Analytics and location intelligence regardless of the industry can benefit greatly from the ability to link location information to vital business decision making for a variety of events ranging from retail purchasing patterns and customer demographics by store locations, to emergency call logs and hurricane patterns."

Mr Francisco went on to say applications that are able to keep processing power as close as possible to storage with as much intelligence as possible are likely to provide firms with performance gains.

Last week, small business adviser John Osgood claimed that data cleaning should always be used to ensure mailing lists are kept valid and up-to-date.