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All organizations 'must learn to keep data secure'

Rachel Wheeler Archive

Organizations in all sectors must know how to stop data breaches from occurring, experts have insisted.

According to the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), groups need to take an "active role in learning safe practices and behaviors" so sensitive information remains secure.

Michael Kaiser, executive director of the group, commented: "Protecting data is a responsibility we all share."

He was speaking in the run-up to Data Privacy Day on January 28th, a global initiative designed to highlight the issue to organizations and individuals.

Mike Skidmore of Shred-it, one of the bodies that is backing the special day, stated that maintaining employee and customer privacy needs to be a "top priority" for any body that handles their details.

This, he said, is because any data breach can lead to people falling victim to identity fraud, as well as reputational damage for the firm responsible.

William Pelgrin of the Center for Internet Security, which is also supporting Data Privacy Day, added that the amount of information about individuals that is stored, transferred and maintained online is "tremendous".

Posted by Paul Newton