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Alumni relations 'critical' to fundraising goals

Rachel Wheeler Archive

The Student Foundation is hoping to raise funds to support school scholarship initiatives through its alumni relations committee, the Lariat Online has reported.

In total, the organization is hoping that greater interaction between the campus promotions, alumni relations and student recruitment committees will help to raise $65,000.

The news may lead to more higher education institutions investing in address verification software to ensure that contact data of alumni students is accurate.

Indeed, if the organization wants to meet its target of raising $20,000 through its alumni relations data must be correct.

Lizzy Davis, director of Student Foundation, told the news provider: "We just wanted a lot of cross-committee interaction and this is a great way for everyone to realize that our ultimate purpose in Student Foundation is to raise scholarship funds."

"We might have different ways of doing that per committee, but at the end of the day that's what we're here for."

Posted by Paul Newman