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AMA concerned about safeguards for Medicare data access

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The new legislation regarding accessibility to Medicare claims data has sparked concern among physicians.

Earlier this month, the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced that "qualified organizations" will be granted access to medical data, to allow them to provide consumers with a fuller picture on their health insurance.

However, according to the American Medical Association, the CMS has failed to create safeguards regarding data quality, ensuring that the information provided on doctors is correct.

"We are concerned that CMS' easing of some requirements for receiving Medicare data could result in the distribution of physician performance reports that are inaccurate and not meaningful for patients or physicians," AMA president Peter W Carmel said.

The AMA also claims that the new ruling allows these qualified organizations to link physicians to the patients, without the doctors being given chance to review this information, potentially compromising integrity.

Posted by Richard Jones