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Analyzing threat information improves security techniques

Paul Newman Archive
Data quality is an essential aspect of nearly every IT-related portion of the private sector, including security. This was highlighted in a recent study by Solutionary, which found that approximately 83 percent of companies use threat intelligence reports to shape their overall data protection programs. Another 80 percent of decision-makers said they use this information to justify their budget and technology requests to reduce risk.

"This survey is encouraging; it shows that businesses of all types and sizes are using solid research and threat intelligence to strengthen defenses and reduce risk," said Rob Kraus, director of Solutionary's security engineering research team.

Nearly 90 percent of executives that don't use threat intelligence reports said they would be more inclined to do so if resources provided more insight into how information can truly shape better ideas, Solutionary reported. This suggests that decision-makers need to prioritize what data they analyze and use.

According to EMC, implementing data cleansing initiatives will ensure organizations have accurate information to work with. By using the right resources, firms can understand what steps need to be taken to enhance security.