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Android the target for online retailers

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Online retailers using address standardization software need to be targeting the smartphone market - and Android handsets in particular.

The latest data from market intelligence company ABI Research shows that Android's overall share of the smartphone software market increased to 43.2 per cent in the second quarter of 2010.

In the period last year, Google's operating system had a market share of just 17.2 per cent.

ABI Research senior analyst for mobile devices Michael Morgan says that the rise of Android is down to changing consumer tastes - which online retailers must stay aware of.

"[Android] gave these other players a chance to come in and put out some new phones that met that new trend that [Apple's] iOS had started; internet focus and apps. It really created a nice eco-system that anyone could plug into," Mr Morgan explained.

Meanwhile the market share for Nokia's Symbian operating system has almost halved in the last year, and now stands at 22.1 per cent.

Posted by Richard Jones