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Arizona town seeks ZIP Code changes

Rachel Wheeler Archive
People in Marana, Arizona, are looking for changes to their address data so that their ZIP Codes better reflect where they live.

Marana town council is looking to change address data on two local ZIP Codes that list them as living in nearby Tucson and as a result can cause problems with mail delivery and can cause confusion among residents.

The majority of the residents of the 85743 ZIP Code live in Marana, but the code itself is listed as being in Tucson, while codes with practically no Marana residents nevertheless carry the town's identification.

In response to these various issues, the council is looking to campaign to have the necessary changes made, although some ZIP Codes will be left alone as the town continues to grow and boundaries could change further still.

The Bay City Tribune recently reported that Sargent, in Matagorda County, Texas, is to have its own post office established, which will mean the town has address data separate from Bay City.