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Arrival of iPhone 5 to create headache for IT managers

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The eventual launch of the Apple iPhone 5 will cause significant disruption to data management on corporate networks, it is claimed.

It was expected that the eagerly anticipated iPhone 5 would be launched yesterday (October 4th), but Apple was merely unveiling a new version of the iPhone 4.

However, there is no doubt that the iPhone 5 is on its way, and security firm Blue Coat Systems vice-president Nigel Hawthorn says that companies need to be prepared for its launch.

Many workers are now using their personal devices on corporate networks, and the new Apple product will feature new versions of iOS and iTunes, presenting new threats to the security of a network.

Mr Hawthorn explained: "The problem with that is that you're getting updates that are client-critical, and therefore you're causing issues for other traffic on the network.

"IT managers need to realize this and make sure that they don't find the network is overloaded."

Posted by Richard Jones