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Atkins aims to boost customer database by 350,000 through new campaign

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Atkins Nutritionals has launched a major new sampling campaign across the United States as it looks to boost its existing direct mail and online marketing capabilities.

Under the new initiative, the weight management company is to spend millions of dollars on advertising aimed at encouraging Americans to log onto its newly-revamped site.

In return for entering their contact details, visitors to the site will be sent a number of samples, including literature and nutrition bars, with Atkins confident that the enhanced direct mail powers allowed for by this new data will more than offset the up-front costs.

The head of marketing at the company Allen Silkin revealed to DM News that the aim is to boost the size of the existing database by around 350,000 potential customers, taking its total size to well in excess of 2.5 million.

"This is the start of diet season, so we wanted to 'incentivize' new customers to join," he said.

"We also want to promote Atkins' free weight loss program and online tools, so users can achieve the healthy weight they're looking for."

News of the campaign comes soon after the website advised insurance firms to stay on top of their data quality.