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AT&T let Hawaiians search broadband coverage by ZIP Code

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Citizens living in Hawaii are now able to check the wireless network coverage in their area by ZIP Code.

Telecommunications company AT&T has offered the service in conjunction with their announcement of investing in the mobile broadband infrastructure of the state.

Users will be able to utilize the ZIP Code software on the firm's website to track the progress of coverage in their area and to see how well their mobile broadband coverage is doing.

Dan Youmans, president of AT&T Hawaii, said: "These investments in smart networks are enabling the innovation of today and tomorrow that will enhance economic growth and stimulate jobs.

"We commend the work of the many leaders of our state who are creating a positive economic environment that provides opportunities for companies to continue to invest aggressively in Hawaii."

AT&T, which is one of the largest mobile telecommunications providers in the US, has increased their network coverage through similar investments and expansions as these by 5,000 per cent over the past three years.