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Phylicia Bischof

Phylicia Bischof is a marketing operations analyst at Experian Data. She focuses on the usage, data integrity, and technical integration of our marketing automation system and CRM: Eloqua and Salesforce. She is also responsible for creating, maintaining, and providing insights to the Marketing Department through Salesforce reporting.  Outside of work, she can be found exploring New England sampling different types of food and visiting new small quaint towns whenever she can.  

The quickest way to understand your customers better

Data enrichment and analytics

One of the biggest challenges in today’s age is staying in tune with the constantly changing market and needs of our customers. From Facebook to Instagram, Boomerang, or Snapchat… what customers are interested in, who they are, and what they care about is always in flux. How do you stay agile in a shifting world? You must constantly be striving to understand your customer and what your company’s ideal customer persona looks like. Aligning on your ideal customer, in conjunction with understanding your prospects and customer database, will allow you to target and market to them in the best way possible.

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Email reputation 101

Have you ever launched an email campaign only to find out that most of your emails never even made it to the intended target due to soft or hard bounces? Have you ever spent a large amount of your budget on syndicated content and then come to find out that your target audience is from a database that was collected from tradeshows and POS systems where a consumer’s email is captured with no verification? How can you determine if those email addresses were correctly captured? Whether the information was wrong at point of capture, or became outdated, these issues ultimately contribute to your company’s email reputation.

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