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Suzanne Pomposello

Suzanne Pomposello is an Enterprise Account Director with Experian Data Quality. She focuses on Utilities and Telecommunications, helping them and their customers to be more successful through accurate and actionable data. Suzanne is a graduate of Merrimack College. Reach out and connect with her on LinkedIn:

Modernizing the customer onboarding process for Utilities

Digital transformation in utilities is essential to keeping up with evolving consumer needs, demands, and behaviors. Modernizing your digital onboarding experience will not only increase customer satisfaction but concurrently improve retention and reduce costs.

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Top 6 ways data quality can help utilities personalize the customer experience

With deregulation across the utilities industry, it is more important than ever to understand your customers. Our solutions can give you a better sense of the customer information you have and provide you with additional data attributes. This will help your organization gain a better picture of who your customers are, and therefore personalize each customer interaction through enhanced insights. 


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Data, demos, and the Diamondbacks

Experian Data Quality recently got back from CS Week 40 in Phoenix, Arizona. CS Week is the premier utility customer service conference for professionals at electric, gas, and water utilities. With more than 150 exhibitors, 60+ workshops, and three and a half days to network and connect with utility executives, CS Week is what our team likes to call, "the Catalina Wine Mixer of utilities."

There were three key takeaways from CS Week this year: data, demos, and Diamondbacks. 

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