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Avoid a recipe for disaster: Baking and data quality have a lot in common

As a marketer here at Experian Data Quality, I am by no means a technical expert on data quality. However, what I do know is that I've found many similarities between data quality and one of my personal passions: baking! Both require pre-planning, solid execution and refinement after the fact.

Here are three tips that you can use when making amazing homemade cookies or implementing a data quality strategy.

  1. Know your audience.

Cookies: If you’re baking for a dinner party, you should have a general idea of preferences people have, any allergies, dinner menu and a concept of what’s appropriate. For example, if my friend invited me over for a gluten-free dinner, I wouldn't use regular flour.

Data quality strategy: Before implementing data quality in your organizations, it’s necessary to know the stakeholders and team. What value are different stakeholders trying to get from data? How will data be used? These questions and more impact how you implement data quality.

  1. Identify your requirements.

Cookies: There is nothing worse than starting to bake and then realizing you’re missing key ingredients such as chocolate chips for chocolate chip cookies. Make sure you’re organized and check on everything before you start!

Data quality strategy: Why were you looking to improve data quality in the first place? When embarking on a data quality project, you can’t just walk in and assume everything is in place in your organization. Find out what all the issues, why they exist, and what should be prioritized. Gather your organization’s requests and needs finding out the urgency and priority.

  1. Test, test, test. Improve!

Cookies: Usually when I try out a recipe for the first time, I follow it step by step. Over time, I gather feedback from my friends and family to see what they liked or disliked. There’s always room for improvement! From there, I usually switch it up by adding in more vanilla, cutting down the sugar, or changing the temperature of the oven.

Data quality strategy: Similar to baking, it’s better to start off with something that is easy to measure. If you try to jump in to the “macaroon” data quality project, there’s a good chance it won’t be effective. (Note: macaroons are one of the hardest desserts to make!)

Check out “Identifying your data quality requirements” to learn more about implementing a data quality strategy. For a favorite recipe, go here.