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Avoid simple marketing mistakes, expert warns

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses should look to some of the biggest marketing mistakes in the developed world to identify what not to do, it has been suggested.

Jonathan Houston, online marketing manager at Talooma, explained that simplicity is often the key to a successful campaign, so organizations should steer clear of complicated, clever ideas, reported.

Furthermore, it is essential for companies to cover all of their bases, so that if a consumer is directed to a website, the page should be optimised well enough to rank highly in a search engine, meaning that potential customers do not have the opportunity to fall through the cracks.

He also warned against simple grammatical and spelling errors on online marketing campaigns.

"Your online presence is the face of your business. If you slack on your quality control here, what guarantee has your customer got that you are not going to slack on the quality of other aspects of your business?" Mr Houston asked.

However, writing for, Craig Wax, the chief executive officer of Invodo, said that businesses should consider including video content in their online marketing efforts.

Posted by Paul Newton