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Avoiding big data privacy concerns

Richard Jones Archive

While the big data phenomenon is quickly gaining momentum in the private sector, consumers are concerned for their personal privacy. This was highlighted in a recent study by research firm Ovum, which revealed that many customers would opt for a "do not track" feature if it were easily available on the web.

"Unfortunately, in the gold rush that is big data, taking the supply of 'little data' - personal data - for granted seems to be an accident waiting to happen," said Mark Little, principal analyst at Ovum.

This concern suggests that decision-makers need to be careful with the resources they collect. By using innovative data quality tools, companies can determine which assets need to have prioritized security and what can be analyzed and used.

A Wired report noted that the ubiquity of big data also means there will likely be a number of errors floating around the digital realm. This introduces challenges for both consumers and companies, as these inaccuracies can jeopardize security and the overall functionality of an enterprise.

By planning ahead and taking the right approaches to big data, firms may be able to avoid these hassles.