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B2B cloud integration 'cutting costs'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations are starting to recognize that cloud-based integration can drive business agility and cut costs.

This is according to a recent survey from Sterling Commerce, which found that 86 per cent of companies are planning to adopt a more diversified set of deployment models.

Included in these are cloud, in-house and hybrid cloud and in-house approaches.

Meanwhile, 29 per cent expect to consume more business-to-business (B2B) integration from the cloud that they are used to.

Dave Carmichael, manager of B2B integration at Sterling Commerce, commented: "The technology driver—the ability to deploy more cloud-based B2B integration (either stand-alone or as part of a hybrid solution) – will enable companies engaged in rethinking their B2B Integration strategically, to incorporate the flexibility and agility they need to succeed in the current climate of economic recovery."

He added that the idea is not new and it is certainly worth rethinking approaches to B2B in order to compete in the market.