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Back-to-school shopping brings retail advantages

Rachel Wheeler Archive
According to a recent Dow Jones news report, companies have already begun to contemplate the wave of purchases that will accompany the back-to-school season. Though July has only recently begun, retailers now consider the entire summer to be prime time to sell new clothes, office supplies and other necessities.

The source stated that the electronics sector is becoming an increasingly large part of back-to-school business activity as younger students begin using advanced devices in their class work. Dow Jones quoted a National Retail Federation survey, however, that found shoppers would consider the state of the economy when purchasing this summer.

Reaching out through email marketing could be an important way to secure shopper loyalty throughout the summer season. However, that method could be hampered by poor data quality. Sellers may want email validation and deduplication software to make sure offers are reaching each customer, and reaching them only once each.

While some may consider direct outreach through email old-fashioned, a CRM Buyer report found the entire field is bouncing back after early fears that social media would replace it. The source stated that integrating social content is a common strategy, but that total email replacement has not occurred.