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Bad address 'thwarts hunt for hit-and-run killer'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Police in Nebraska have been unable to trace a driver who caused a fatal hit-and-run accident because his car was registered to a bogus address, it has been revealed.

According to, a mistake was made on the part of the local Treasury department that handles vehicle registrations.

Douglas county treasurer John Ewing told the news provider that a member of his staff "probably asked if it was the correct address, but they didn't go into the computer system and verify it".

"We looked at the address as well and verified that in fact it's an invalid address," he added.

A local man, Steve McAdams, was killed in the crash, which took place at 39th Street and Y Street in Omaha.

According to the broadcaster, Mr McAdams' parents said they are upset that erroneous motor vehicle records have hampered the search for their son's killer.

Last week, the Montgomery Advertiser reported that a new system due to be installed in emergency centers in Tennessee will allow witnesses to text 911 services without tipping off criminals.