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Bad service is number one shopping complaint

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Bad service has been named as the number one thing likely to ruin the customer experience.

An exclusive survey commissioned by PCR has revealed that poor customer service is the top gripe likely to turn shoppers away from a store for good.

The organization polled 250 consumers about what would stop them from being loyal to a particular retailer and 69.7 per cent claimed bad service was their biggest turn off.

In addition, customers who felt they received poor service were more likely to feel aggrieved about their purchase and tell friends and colleagues about their experience.

"Even if a customer does go through with a sale when they are dissatisfied with the level of customer service, they are much less likely to return and may even feel resentful about their purchase and you'll be sure they'll tell everyone they know about it," Best Buy's head of computing, Rene Wright, told PCR.

Lisa Gerstner, from, told that often customers take to social media sites to complain as it could be visible to hundreds of people.

Posted by Paul Newton