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Banking data center biometrics 'becoming more widespread'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Biometric data center banking technology is becoming more integrated into IT systems as new security challenges continue to emerge for the sector.

Facial recognition technology has become more widespread in the US, while banks in the UK such as HSBC are following this example and introducing biometric security systems to protect sensitive information held in data centers too, according to OmniPerception.

The biometric technology firm's chief executive officer Stewart Hefferman, explained that facial recognition has "proved to be a major player in the crime fighting armoury of countries such as the UK and the US in the ten years since 9/11".

He added: "We must not only continually strive to ensure the technology is as accurate as possible but that it must also be fit for purpose as the risk changes and evolves."

In a recent article for SC Magazine, Dave Jevans of the Anti Phishing Working Group suggested that IT departments are struggling to keep up with improvements to security systems.

He has called for a more holistic approach to address data security concerns, particularly those involving customer communications.

Posted by Richard Jones