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Banks urged to improve customer experience

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Banking firms need to think carefully about how they plan to improve the customer experience, an expert claims.

According to a recent survey from telecommunications firm Cable and Wireless Worldwide, only 27 per cent of people feel they are having their needs met by their banks.

A fifth of those polled explained that they do not feel their bank has any interest in helping them beyond the basics.

Commenting on the findings, finance expert Lawrence Gold says that banks must quickly address the issue of the customer experience, with communication at the top of the agenda.

Mr Knowles adds that social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are going to become vital tools in this respect, but so will other technologies.

He added: "If you are doing things online and you have to make an appointment to speak to someone and you can't do it on the phone, what about video conferencing?

"Most people have webcams and that would be a fantastic idea for banks and customers."

Posted by Rachel Wheeler