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Better data quality 'improves performance and cuts costs'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Improving data quality is an essential part of bettering performance and creating agile and low-cost warehousing architecture, it has been stressed.

Writing for Industry Week, Marty Moseley, chief technical officer at IT services provider Initiate Systems, commented that strategies which attempt to master data after transactions occur do little to improve data quality.

"Properly implemented, master data management dramatically improves quality, which reduces the size, scope, and complexity of data warehouse architectures," he continued.

Mr Moseley also commented that if each transaction is complete and accurate before it enters the data warehouse, the work required to integrate it is greatly reduced.

"The result is a decrease in the cost of managing data quality and a significant reduction in the brittleness of the data warehouse data chain," he added.

Earlier this week, IT services provider Informatica commented that data cleaning is essential in allowing firms to make the most of the marketing strategies.