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Better data quality will improve patient care

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Improving data quality within the healthcare industry will lead to better services for patients, it has been claimed.

According to a blog post on the CIO website, providers need to ensure that they invest in database management initiatives to improve current systems.

The article suggests that patient care can be improved simply by focussing on better information management.

Errors which occur at point of entry, such as misspelt names, need to be avoided and a national database of patients' medical history created.

"While those are great, the primary reason to improve data is to provide better patient care," the article notes.

"Until that is more clearly communicated to the healthcare industry, it will be very difficult to get the right emphasis on data quality and data management."

Earlier this year, an article on the Information Management website claimed that data quality and integration are "critically important" to the health sector and need to be addressed if services are to be improved.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler