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Better email delivery rates begin with contact data quality

Paul Newman Archive

Some of the cardinal rules in email marketing are that companies should never purchase contact lists, make it difficult for subscribers to opt out or abuse the privilege that comes with possessing a person's email address, according to Media Post. 

While it might seem like a good idea for marketers to send messages to every person that has ever provided this basic information, "spray and pray" strategies can cost firms customers, reports Business 2 Community. Emailing too much is one of the cardinal reasons why contacts defect, alongside sending messages few and far between or delivering lengthy content that's irrelevant to recipients. 

"Email marketing campaigns are viable. But there's a fine line in contacting people and overloading someone," Julie Sweet of Certificatesonline told The Age.

There are simple fixes to those problems - marketing teams can devise schedules for email campaigns that negotiate the line between emailing too much or too little. Segmenting contact lists into refined customer demographics can narrow the scope of campaigns and increase the chances that customers receive emails that actually interest them. 

If those efforts don't boost email marketing results, companies should run their contact lists through an address management system to ensure all of the names on their lists are accurate and up-to-date, The Age added.