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Big data age highlights data quality needs

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The debut of big data as a marquee business technology means companies are more concerned than ever with the information in their systems. This has had the side effect of making data quality more critical than ever. IT News Africa contributor Gary Alleman explained big data's role and the importance of big data tools in the new environment.

Alleman specified that ambiguity can arise when companies use big data without attending to its quality. He condemned both combining sources of information without checking it for integrity and performing analytics on a source without checking its quality.

As a response to the three oft-cited "V's" of big data, velocity, variety and volume, Alleman proposed companies also concern themselves with the "validity" of figures when performing analytics. He warned that analyzing data without proper controls could even lead to legal noncompliance.

Big data has become a phenomenon in the tech world, drawing mainstream media attention. According to a recent survey by IDC, executives have switched their views in favor of big data analytics after seeing it mentioned in the press. This has led to a noticeable uptick in data usage across all industry sectors.