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Big data at the top of minds and budgets heading into 2013

Rachel Wheeler Archive
In 2012, big data was a buzz word, but it's going to become more of an industry standard in 2013, as companies realize they need to implement analytics strategies or step out of the way of those that do. A recently released Gartner report, titled "Predicts 2013: Big Data and Information Infrastructure," asserts that in order to stay competitive, companies should already have data plans in place and expert staff on payroll.

By 2014, the technology research firm projects that about half of companies' decisions will be rooted in business intelligence, as reported by CIO magazine. However, this requires enterprises to adopt the tools they need to verify data quality and hire the professionals who can turn data sets into actionable insights.

"There are many difficulties within organizations to understand what the data actually means to them," Gartner analyst Andreas Bitterer told Search Business Analytics. "And there's a push to really understand the data - that there's a consistency there and governance there. It's a big trend, and it's painful for organizations."

If companies move forward without putting the necessary quality measures in place, they could end up with flawed and mismatched data that causes much larger problems in the long run.