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Big data benefits email marketing campaigns

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Customers may be spending more time on social media sites, but this doesn't necessarily mean these sites are the best way to communicate with them, according to Technorati. Users tend to visit various sites, depending on emerging trends and their particular aims, whereas most consumers tend to use the same email address for long periods of time. Now, companies such as Volvo are making their marketing plans even more effective by marrying email campaigns with big data.

The automotive brand has begun to integrate data collected via its customer relationship management (CMR) systems with its marketing tools to see a more significant return onits investments, the source adds. For instance, Volvo can compile lists of its Elite customer program members who have previously placed large orders and send those clients exclusive offers. It also uses information from customers' orders and locations when determining how to best allocate supplies to vendors.

Forbes points out that email marketing can also be a cost-effective way to reach out to customers and close deals. Companies might see even more success when they check for data quality on a regular basis to remove any customers who have opted out or are no longer responding, so they can focus their efforts on those interested in making purchases.