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Big data brings data quality issues

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Big data analytics has galvanized data scientists, turning unusable data stores into sources of insight. There are unanswered questions, however. Software industry insider Dan Everett recently wrote for Forbes that companies may be ignoring the governance and data quality issues that come along with new big data projects.

Everett found that companies with data quality tools can integrate new sources to their data warehouses several times faster than those without. To illustrate the difference, he cited Aberdeen Research data, noting that while high-performing companies can add a new data source in 12 days, trailing firms can take over 140 days.

The problems relating to data quality can hamper big data efforts, Everett explained. He stated that, in addition to hobbling analytics processes, bad data can also add costs to both capital and operating expenditure budgets for the storage solutions needed to keep the poorly maintained information.

Big data is not simply a fad for companies - it represents the future of analytics. A recent Gartner report placed big data among the trends that will become part of future management technology suites. Gartner's Milind Govekar remarked that big data is not simply a future trend - it has already become part of IT and operations management.