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Big data era calls for governance

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The rise of big data has led to an increased focus on information at companies of all sizes and industries. There have also been some unfortunate results of the transition to this new model, according to Network World contributor Jill Dyche. She stated that when firms become fixated on big data, it is often on simply how to gather and keep it, and not data management or governance.

Companies with large information reserves can benefit from looking after data quality as well as quantity. Dyche indicated, however, that workers in charge of data archives are often far more interested in acquiring data and making sure systems are capable of holding it than taking on governance roles.

According to Dyche, carefully overseen data has many benefits for its users. She stated that firms with strong programs in place can express what the data's purpose is and the ideal results of analytics with it, supported by policies from the top.

Software industry consultant Aaron Zornes recently told TechTarget that companies should add governance features early in the stages of their data management plans. He advocated performing governance checks when integrating data from disparate sources.