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Big data helps find better sales leads

Paul Newman Archive

Big data is quickly becoming critical in today's marketing environment, as analyzing information gives executives more control over email address management and insight into which consumers may turn into customers. A recent study by Lattice Engines highlighted how big data quality can help advertisers and sales team close the gap on prospective leads.

The report noted that using big data and predictive analytics gives executives more insight into which parts of the target audience will be most likely to make a purchase. This reduces some of the challenges sales teams face when they are forced to pick up the slack from inefficient marketing campaigns.

"Sales organizations have made it clear that they are not getting what they need to be successful in today's environment," said Shashi Upadhyay, CEO of Lattice. "Businesses embracing big data are achieving higher levels of success by empowering marketing to deliver a previously unattainable level of insight to sales, focusing them on the opportunities with the greatest revenue potential."

In the coming years, big data will play an increasingly important role in the development of advertising, providing decision-makers with real-time insight into which consumers will likely turn into clients. By focusing on high-quality information, businesses will be able to leverage more effective marketing tactics to draw in new customers.