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Big data improving customer relationship management systems

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Customer experience management efforts and consumer relations are becoming more data-driven. As companies realize they can harness information that's being generated at their point-of-sale terminals, on social media pages and through contact lists, they can enhance customer relationship management. However, simply recognizing these capabilities is not enough.

In order to make sense of the vast amount of data being driven through social networking sites, businesses must have data quality measures in place to begin with. As InformationWeek explains,this can help businesses gain the valuable analytics they are demanding to develop more targeted marketing campaigns. However, users might eventually realize they need better database management tools in order to get a broader scope, which may include old posts and information that goes beyond simple sentiment analysis, the source explains.

When they do use the correct tools, businesses can recognize a significant ROI on their efforts and perform tasks at much faster rates than they ever could before, CNNMoney adds. Big data - a large amount of structured and unstructured information - may already be at their disposal. They can then tap into big data insights by using the right tools and people to harness disparate sets of information and making new, valuable correlations.