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Big data management projects should be all-encompassing

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Big data projects are growing in abundance in the private sector, especially as more companies embrace cloud and mobile computing initiatives that enable them to accumulate more information in regard to operations. For this reason, executives need to implement advanced data management strategies to make supporting massive volumes of data less complicated, according to a CIO report.

Companies are demanding the use of advanced analytic tools to ensure they can accurately evaluate and leverage information, as data quality often becomes more of an issue when storage archives expand, CIO noted. Decision-makers will also need to understand how to manage dark data.

"Dark data is the data being collected, but going unused despite its value, and leading organizations of the future will be distinguished by the quality of their predictive algorithms," said Peter Sondergaard, Gartner senior vice president, according to CIO. "This is the CIO challenge and opportunity."

A separate report by TechTarget said data governance and management strategies need to include dark data if firms are to be as efficient as possible. Neglecting this information will allow significant opportunities to slip through the cracks.