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Big data needs management, governance policies

Rachel Wheeler Archive

As big data continues to be a major buzzword in the private sector, decision-makers need to plan their initiatives carefully to ensure database management strategies are not overwhelmed by the rapidly growing volume of resources. A recent report by Computer Business Review noted that organizations should keep end goals in mind during big data projects, as losing sight of long-term intentions will introduce problems.

The news source said executives need to implement an advanced management system, as data quality is an important part of any next-generation initiative. If an organization does not support a resilient, highly flexible storage solution, it will not be able to prioritize strategies and will likely introduce some unforeseen vulnerability.

A report by The Data Warehousing Institute said decision-makers should implement governance policies early on in big data projects, thereby reducing the chance of problems cropping up down the road. This will also allow organizations to categorize and prioritize techniques as they go.

As big data continues to gain momentum in the business world, companies that plan ahead and apply the appropriate techniques before jumping headfirst into the projects will be more likely to experience success, helping them gain a competitive advantage over rival firms.