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Big data not such a challenge for marketing teams?

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The growing big data trend is challenging the way companies do business across industries, but it may not present quite as many stumbling blocks for marketing firms that have steadily embraced advances in data quality and speed, according to ClickZ.

For the past two decades, companies that wanted to improve the success of their email marketing campaigns have been looking to capture and use data at faster speeds from a greater number of sources, the marketing news provider points out. Advertising teams can then use the information to create more accurate and complete customer profiles to ensure customers receive only the most relevant messages.

These goals are very similar to those of businesses just now investing in big data strategies. Companies want to tap the vast quantity of data in their computer systems, on the internet and posted to social media sites in real-time to make better decisions faster. In order to successfully reach these aims, enterprises need to bring down the walls that currently divide their departments, so sales team leaders, chief decision makers and heads of marketing can make sense of all of that information.

These individuals may find that working together doesn't diminish their autonomous value, but will actually increase it, reports Chief Marketer. The average chief marketing officer (CMO) is reporting a longer tenure than ever before as they tackle the challenges of big data to capitalize on its advantages.