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Big Data offers possibilities, but not without governance

Rachel Wheeler Archive

Ever since Big Data achieved buzzword status in the business world, it seems as if the majority of conversations have focused on how the vast quantities of information and analysis could revolutionize the way companies operate and plan for the future.

Yet not enough people are discussing the fact that they will need strong information governance in order to make Big Data usable and prevent it from becoming overwhelming, Dan Everett - Forbes blog contributor and SAP's senior director of EIM Solution Marketing - writes.

"Yes Big Data is a big business opportunity, but the business value won't be realized if the information isn't governed," Everett comments. He later observes that "information governance in the context of Big Data is a topic that companies can't afford to ignore."

To start the conversation about data governance and determine the best way to make Big Data an asset, not a hindrance, to your company's business intelligence programs, gather people from every department of the organization and talk about what they require from corporate data. Adopt data quality tools and develop policies for using technology and procedures that will keep your information useful and up-to-date.