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Big data projects underfunded

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Company leaders often express their belief that big data represents the future and that such projects are priorities. They will need to begin speaking with their wallets, however, according to a recent CIO survey. The source found many companies struggling to piece together adequate efforts to handle large information sets and keep them useful.

Many respondents to the survey found themselves unable to afford optimal systems. Several of the other problems expressed, including trouble combining new and legacy systems and a general lack of data quality, could stem from a general lack of organizational support.

The source noted that the need to master big data has become quite pressing. Nearly half of respondents told CIO big data would soon be a regular part of operations in two or more sections of the company. Only 5 percent expressed any confidence that big data will fade away rather than taking hold, despite its status as a "hyped" technology.

Dealing with data quality is one of the key steps to improving the modern information usage experience. The Harvard Business Review recently noted that every operation related to big data usage becomes more difficulty when the integrity of the information is low. According to the source, mistakes in data resources can lead to dangerously wrong conclusions and severe business consequences.