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Big data provides returns

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Recent reports indicate that big data is creating positive returns for companies. This could mean more than the continuation of the big data trend - positive numbers could lead to even more rapid adoption. The latest study, commissioned by Avanade, indicated that 91 percent of companies are using tools to analyze data and 73 percent have used it to grow revenue streams.

The influx of huge quantities of information can be overwhelming. Among the survey's respondents, 85 percent encountered obstacles pertaining to the volume of information and the sudden burden of keeping it secure.

The spread of information is not limited to IT departments. The report found big data is used in use in various sections throughout companies. An overwhelming majority of respondents, 95 percent, stated that data scientists are not part of the IT staff. Experts have been deployed to line of business sections throughout the company.

As data is now widespread and providing returns at companies across industries, data quality could become a concern throughout organizations. A recent New York Times piece on big data stated that data quality tools are among companies' new necessities. The source listed keeping data efficient and improving employee expertise among the vital steps required to deal with the big data environment.