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Big data requirements bring demand for information management

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Firms specializing in data management look set to thrive as big data needs grow exponentially, it is suggested.

IT expert Damon Poeter, writing in PC Mag, says that innovators that can help businesses improve their data management will be in high demand.

To highlight this, he reveals that globally generated data is set to grow 40 per cent annually, yet it is anticipated that IT spending will rise just five per cent each year. says that this is a "clarion call" for vastly improved efficiency in data management and storage within the sector.

"Big data has the potential to become the next frontier for innovation, competition, and profit," the website explained.

Interarbor Solutions principal analyst Dana Gardner recently told ZDNet that the IT sector is paying too much attention to new technology and tools to drive performance, and neglecting to take due consideration for data management.

Posted by Richard Jones