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Big data: The latest driver for technological change

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The latest catalyst for innovation in the technology industry is big data, as harnessing large volumes of information will enable companies to gain more insight on purchasing behavior and allow them to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. The challenge presented today is ensuring data quality remains a priority for businesses, regardless of the influx of records, according to a SYS-CON Media report by Jim Vogt.

"Different systems store data in different formats, even within the same company," Vogt asserted. "Assembling, standardizing and cleaning data of irregularities - all without scrubbing it of the information that makes it valuable - is a central challenge of this space."

While big data holds enormous promise, the true usefulness of the information is directly proportionate to the data quality tools used to analyze it.

According to IDC, these tools and services will generate nearly $17 billion in revenue by 2015 as decision-makers attempt to find solutions that provide the most advantages to them.

Vogt noted that it will likely take trial and error for many businesses to successfully harness big data. In time, solutions that leverage the information will become faster and more effective, enabling firms of all sizes to improve during this phenomenon.