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Big data to change the face of data management

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Knowing what causes changes to IT infrastructure is essential to predicting how data management will need to develop in the future, it has been claimed.

Futurist and IT strategy advisor Ross Dawson told Computer World that big data is likely to be a main driver that will affect the upcoming shape of infrastructure.

"This whole field of 'big data' is an issue because, while storage and data are both growing, they are not always aligned. There is the potential for the pace of data growth to outpace storage growth," he explained.

Mr Dawson said that to fully grasp how much data could be generated in the future, people need to consider the number and types of creation points, from social media to single business interactions, patient monitoring to images and video.

Dealing with data management in the face of increasing volumes with be a challenge but will create "extraordinarily rich" data which will allow for greater productivity and competition, he explained.

Research conducted by North Bridge Venture Partners and the 451 Group revealed that Software as a Service (SaaS), private cloud, public cloud, big data and mobile are driving much of the growth in open source software.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler