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Big data to excel in 2013

Paul Newman Archive

Big data projects present a significant number of opportunities for companies of all sizes, as analyzing resources provides decision-makers with insight as to what specific tasks need to be done. A recent Forrester Research blog post by analyst Mike Gualtieri said the advent of big data will introduce several trends in 2013.

Executives should understand that the term "big data" means all of their information, not just resources that have been archived for analytic reasons. Gualtieri said big data is a new frontier for the private sector, opening up doors in customer service, risk management and decision making.

Gualtieri also asserted that skeptics will begin to disappear in 2013 as they realize big data quality projects provide real results. If organizations neglect to implement these strategies throughout the course of the year, they will likely fall behind competitors that have adopted big data adequately.

A report by Enterprise Apps Today stated that 2013 will introduce new analytic tools for companies that are embracing big data. This will make initiatives even more effective, helping the private sector excel in every aspect of business.