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BlackBerry app to track USPS packages

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Consumers with BlackBerry handsets will soon be able to use a special application to keep track of letters and parcels being handled by the United States Postal Service® (USPS®).

Users will be able to perform a range of functions with the application, including using a global positioning system (GPS) feature to search for collection boxes and post offices nearby, while also tracking the status of various shipping, reports

In addition, the application will utilize ZIP Code software alongside the GPS feature to help users search for specific addresses.

Updates being planned for release further down the line include the ability to calculate postal rates, arranging to have mail held when the user is away on vacation and scheduling pickup times for mail and other parcels.

In a sign of support for military personnel serving overseas, USPS charges domestic rates for packages and letters, while it has recently introduced a series of flat rates for Priority Mail customers, according to PR Newswire.