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Bloomfield residents face fines if house number is not displayed

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Residents and business owners in Bloomfield, Indiana, could be fined if they do not display a clear house number on their properties, reports the Greene County Daily World.

In line with a new ordinance approved by the Bloomfield town council, people will have to make sure their number can be clearly seen from the road, primarily so that the emergency services can respond to calls more easily.

Reflective numerals at least three inches high have to be used on a post by the side of the road or attached to a mailbox if a property is 100 feet from the road or is hidden from view in some way.

Bloomfield police lieutenant Harvey Holt told the paper: "Houses that are not properly marked are delaying our response. Sometimes we go door-to-door looking for a house."

Local people have 30 days to mount the necessary information, with written warnings set to be issued to anyone who fails to do so in time.

In related news, people with boat docks on lakes in Missouri will have to post emergency address data on their property from January, reports