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Building strong relationships 'essential' for web sellers

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Internet retailers need to build strong relationships with their customers, according to one expert.

While bricks and mortar stores benefit from passing footfall, internet psychologist Graham Jones says that consumers going online are much less likely to browse.

Instead, they generally know what they want in advance and use trusted brands and outlets.

Mr Jones says that this makes retaining a loyal customer base essential for web retailers who are keen to gain a foothold in the difficult economic climate.

He continued: "People buy from people they know, like and trust. In high street stores this is easy because we get to know the store assistants.

"Online this is tough for companies, but those who develop good relationships … tend to get more sales as a result."

Rachel Miller, editor of, recently suggested that introducing a loyalty scheme is an effective way of establishing a consumer base for internet retailers.

Posted by Paul Newton