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Business encouraged to think about the 'customer experience'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses and brands have been encouraged to think about how they can improve their customer experience to help drive sales and improve retention rates.

Writing for, Shaun Smith has noted that as a result of the complexity of the markets in which businesses are competing today, maintaining a reliable relationship with customers is difficult.

The emergence of digital, mobile and web technology has transformed the media landscape and opened up an array of possible channels and means of communication, many of which are beyond the control of anyone but the consumer.

"Social media is being used to punish brands or force them to change everything from supply chain policies to marketing tactics," Mr Smith added.

"The more you can dramatise the customer experience the more powerful and distinctive it becomes."

Meanwhile, a recent survey by direct mail specialists Onepost, W8data and found that poorly addressed direct mail correspondence can do more harm than good to an organization, new research has found.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler