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Business growth 'can impact data quality'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Companies concerned about the preservation of data quality as the business grows should set up a dedicated governance team.

This is the view of data quality expert Steve Sarsfield, writing for Smart Data Collective, who says that the way information is perceived can change as a company expands.

Business expansion and new partnership deals may be good for the bottom line, but they can have a negative impact on data quality.

Mr Sarsfield says this is inevitable, as data quality is defined as "fitness for purpose", but a growing business can see this purpose change.

"By setting up a cross-functional data governance team, you will always have a team who will be looking at the changes your company is undergoing and considering its impact on information," he suggests.

The Drug Information Association recently expressed concern that the growing clinical research sector is failing to take adequate steps to ensure data quality.

Posted by Paul Newton