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Business intelligence and marketing relationship 'crucial'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The essential nature of the relationship between business intelligence teams and marketing people has been highlighted.

InPharm looked at the changes taking place as opinions on business intelligence employees moves away from the traditional view of information gatherers.

Instead they are coming to be reflected more as 'business performance champions'.

The news source noted that to achieve this change, business intelligence people need to "understand the marketing strategy side behind decision-making".

This requires upskilling, but they also require the correct software to enable them to properly analyze different scenarios.

However, the final task in improving this working relationship, InPharm noted, is to encourage business intelligence providers to be confident in meetings with marketers in order to help them articulate and persuade the other half of the group of their knowledge.

This can be difficult because business intelligence people are usually most comfortable with numbers and analysis, according to the news source.